British Museum Löbt Sondengängers



Und hier noch ein schreiben von Julian Evan-Hart (British Museum) gegen Barford (Ein Polisch ammateur Archeolög in England) und Swift(auch ein Hobby Archeolög), zwei "Kopf in Sand" HOBBY Archeolögen !!

Ein "Quote" von ein andere mittschreiber:

Many years ago a government funded dig was made by archaeologists in the midlands to unearth a Roman site. A mechanical digger was brought in to strip off the first eighteen inches of soil. The soil was loaded onto lorries and dumped on the town rubbish dump.

Members of the local metal detector club went to the dump and detected literally hundreds of coins and beautiful artifacts. The Archaeologist in charge of the dig tried in vain to get an order to stop the detectorists from searching the town dump.

Luckily the order was denied as it made no sense. How do you describe someone who would rather see hundreds of artifacts buried in the town dump rather than have them found by lowly detectorists?

To highlight the utter stupidity of those who would pass yet more laws, lets get real, the police in Britain won’t even come to your house if you are being burglarized let alone give a damn about someone using a metal detector.

Glaube das sagt alles :frech: :super:


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